Toxic love

I’ve always thought that love is good...

The experts say that we all have a love language, and that each of us wants to be loved. A smile. A hug. A heart-to-heart chat. These are good. But, there are also broken languages of love…

Some think that love will only come through manipulation: “If you love me, you will do what I want.” Others think it will come when they are worshipped: “If you love me, you will put me first in your life.” Should we risk it and fulfill their demands?

I have learned the hard way that it isn’t a good idea. It develops a toxic kind of love where both are destroyed and hurt… Only God can satisfy our deepest heart. Let’s point those we love to him.

2 Replies to “Toxic love”

  1. Eva,
    You are absolutely right, it is not healthy not acquiesce to these kinds of demands. I would even go a step further and say that what you’re describing isn’t love at all – it’s control. There’s something I’ve learned about that too – you cannot both love someone and try to control them, they are mutually exclusive. In addition, if you take a quick audit of your life, you will find that the people you know who are the most loving are the least controlling & manipulative. Conversely, the people that are most difficult to get along with, anger you the most, and cause the most trouble, are also the most controlling & manipulative. Control & manipulation should be confronted every time they are attempted. Jesus did this repeatedly. Every time the Pharisees tried to come and “trap him” (a nice euphemism for control & manipulation) he turned the tables on them every time never once acquiescing to their attempt at manipulation & control.

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