About Eva Leaf

Eva Leaf was born in the USA to World War II refugees. Moving across international borders is still a part of her life. Canada – she studied Religious Education. USA – she taught in two church schools on the Mexican border. Portugal – a missionary. And now England – she writes for children and women.

But before all this seeming success, she thought her life was over. As a young woman, she lived through hunger, danger, homelessness. She existed in a world of domestic slavery, enforced singleness, and cruelty. But God has a way of righting things. In the midst of it, she discovered the God of all comfort, the just and good judge. She discovered that even though life left its scars, she could be whole with God.

And, these things became a seed for good. For even though as a six-year-old, she was told that God had no time for children, and as a young woman that even God pitied her, out of these un-truths grew a passion. She could give value and a voice to children and women. She could search out creative ways to reveal God’s love and gentleness. She could speak out a most wonderful truth – that God really does set captives free.*

*Isaiah 61:1