About Eva Leaf

In her life, Eva has repaired antique cars, lived in a barn, and been thrown by a charging cow. She has worked at a remote desert airfield, and wished that Lawrence of Arabia would appear and bomb those decrepit airplanes.

And even though what she wanted never happened, wonderful things happened that she definitely didn’t think would work. Like marrying an Englishman, even though sophistication and a country bumpkin didn’t seem like a good mix. Like becoming an inner-city missionary or learning the violin.

But other things happened that she never dreamed. That she could become a mother, despite many miscarriages. That she could be loved when for years she was used. That she could move past being told that she was no good and become an author and publisher.

Eva writes from her experiences and through the eyes of her precious relationship with God. For she has learned that whatever each of us goes through, it is never wasted.

Click here for her story, “On Unclipped Wings”.