About Eva Leaf

Eva Leaf was born in the USA, a daughter to World War II refugees. Two languages. Two identities that didn’t mix. But it enabled her to embrace new cultures. Canada – she studied theology. Portugal – she worked as a missionary. And now England – she helps people grow in their relationship with God.

Eva is an author, yet her writing story began before she could even write. As a little girl, she watched her mother translate a fairy tale from her homeland. She heard stories of her grandfather’s newspaper business. But it took half a century for her to realise that she might be good at it as well.

Alongside her charity work, Eva led a publications team for six years. She has worked with debut authors and is an editor herself. She has also self-published several books, as well as been traditionally published.

Eva Leaf is married to an Englishman (Fee – Fi – Fo – Fum!) and has 4 grown children.