What is conflict?

Conflict is sparks flying. It is emotions rising. It is experiencing what most of us think we would rather avoid. Yet, sometimes conflict is necessary. When we speak up for the slandered. When we defend the defenseless. When we risk our reputation to protect the innocent.

But our actions can only resolve part of the problem. The slandered might still feel worthless. The defenseless might still feel powerless. And, the innocent might still feel betrayed. These are reactions that continue to harm.

Conflict then shows us another face. It fights for the hearts that sink into despair. It fights against the lies that drag them there. Yes, conflict is sometimes called love.

One Reply to “What is conflict?”

  1. Thanks for this Eva.

    Not only the message which is beautiful. Also for the example page and what you are doing.

    God has done so much in my life and given me so many amazing things to say that I want to find ways to get my message out. I think this page gives me part of the answer.

    One of the things is is a talk on evolution which will be good for students. I have a Ph:d and spent a while in a lab which was internationally renowned for its work on evolution of nitrogen fixing species. It gives me an authority.

    Amazingly my message will have no evidence, no real argument, just a share of my own personal feelings. It takes the conflict out of the topic and ultimately leaves people free choice. I don’t believe God in general, wants to force people into belief. It is better as a loving process, born by caring friendships, lived out in community. This is what I learnt from the Navs 35 years ago, it is just as true as ever.

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