Do I get it?

Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer. He worked a menial job and studied at the same time. Apparently, one day he came upon a word he couldn’t define, so he stopped his studies until he could.*

For years I haven’t understood these words: “You are the salt of the earth.”** So for the last two months, I too have stopped. Here is one thought…

Salt is about taste. It is about an experience as we eat. Too much and we feel revulsed. Too little and we get bored.

The same is true in faith. I have noted that EVERYONE has an opinion about God, which means that EVERYONE has had an experience in one way or another. Could it be that those who are antagonistic had salt dumped on them by the bucket load? Could it be that those who don’t care found it tasteless?

It puts a lot on me. Jesus says that I, that we, are salt. Oh, to get those measurements right.

  • Photo by cottonbro studio: *A children’s adaptation of Abraham Lincoln’s life. I read it as a child. **Matthew 5:13

4 Replies to “Do I get it?”

  1. Great idea Eva. One of my favourites. I will share it at my house group. We are studying the evangelism guide by Rebecca Manley Pippert. Of out of the Salt Shaker fame.

  2. Hi Andy, delighted to hear that you might pass on the thoughts.
    Yes, ‘Out of the Salt Shaker’ is a great book. Blessings.

  3. Such an excellent point Eva, there are certainly times that I feel dumped on with a bucket of Salt and other times not enough at all!
    I will ponder this some more
    With love

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