Moving on…

Someone asked me, “How do you cope with your emotions when someone has been unkind to you?”

“I have a melt-down,” I said, “and then another one. But afterwards, I try to look to God. It’s hard, though, because all my attention is drawn towards that person, reliving the hurt and wanting justice. But as I read my Bible and pray, I find the strength to look away. I can forgive.”

“I suppose forgiveness lasts forever.”

“Not for me,” I said. “Something will happen and it triggers a memory. I’ll have another melt-down, because, an injustice is always unjust. But I can find God again. I can forgive again, and I can move on.”

“The important thing is to move on. Isn’t it?”


Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

6 Replies to “Moving on…”

  1. My dear sister, I love this! How very true that everytime we think of someone who has hurt us, the meltdown is waiting to take centre stage as memories and pain are relived. It is the amazing grace of God that like you, I am able to draw myself and my eyes back to Father’s comfort and mercy. So love you treasure xxx

      1. I also think that you can over-spiritualize in situations that are ‘ abusive’ because each of us has different tolerance levels for injustice too- so many just build up a tolerance until they ‘burst.’

        Sometimes situations feel ‘too much,’ for good reason and it makes sense to distance yourself for your own survival. It can take distance to forgive…

        We all know that forgiveness is part of the journey to healing but it helps me to know that I can offend others also. I once worked with someone- who was always talking about taking time to forgive others and healing their own wounds but they seemed unaware of hurts they were causing- but they were not Jesus.

  2. Wonderful insight into forgiving, it´s always unfair, always a struggle, and requires repetition. Well expressed!

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