Breaking through

Dear Friends,

Laurie Jean Sennott once said, “Every flower must grow through dirt.” It is so true… Over the last 2  1/2 years I have shared my attempts to push through the dirt of life that was stomped hard on top of me. I hoped it would help you break free as well.

The Bible makes another equally profound observation. When a seed sprouts, “God gives it the new body he wants it to have.” (1 Corinthians 15:38) No flower ever looks like the seed it was. It pushes through dirt into something new.

I feel like I have finally broken through, but I need time and space to embrace the next step. It might take a while, and I hope to be back… If you are in the same place, please join me in this peaceful space.

Until then,




2 Replies to “Breaking through”

  1. Hi Eva, thank you, your words are beautiful and as ever they inspire me and bring peace. Life for me is still in the dark places of the dirt and I’m working hard to push through but it can take more effort and energy than I sometimes have. Stepping back and embracing your achievements is s great thing and while you contemplate please know how much you have helped and inspired others x May God bless you and keep you safe and strong while you rest , love Abi xx

    1. Hi Abi, thanks so much for your beautiful words. I understand so totally the effort and energy to push through. It takes more than any of us can find in ourselves. I couldn’t have done it myself, and I don’t think I could remain there without support. I am so thankful for those who surround us and believe in us, who dare to hold us true. Lots of love to you as you slowly lift your head. xx

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