Where I forgot…

It can take years to realise that we have been unfair to ourselves. We can give all our energy to help others fulfil their dreams, but forget about our own. We can enable others to flourish, but neglect ourselves.

yellow lighted camp within mountain range during nighttime

Just last night I read a verse I have read a hundred times, and for the first time I noticed a word – YOUR. “Enlarge the place of YOUR tent, stretch YOUR tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen YOUR cords, strengthen YOUR stakes.” (Isaiah 54:2) 

God gave everyone of us a tent…

  • T – talents to develop
  • E – emotions to listen to
  • N – needs to fulfil
  • T – time to be ourselves

Finally, I too am paying more attention to my tent. 

Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash

6 responses to “Where I forgot…

  1. Time reading and praying each day
    Energised by Gods presence and power
    Nurtured by His love for me as as individual
    Transformed by His boundless grace

  2. Wow. I too must pay more attention to my tent my sister. What a challenge!!!

  3. Thank you for such a down-to-earth reminder, Eva, to live true.

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