Despite our scars…

The other day someone asked a good question: “Do you feel scarred?”

At first, I wanted to say, “No, all is well now.” But no matter how much I dreamed of returning to those pre-trauma days, my heart-scars had altered me. They still affected the way I responded in certain situations.

So, I said: “Yes, I do have scars. But just like the physical scars many of us endure, we learn to work around them. We get on. And in the end, they no longer take centerstage in our lives. They are there, but they don’t hold us back from life.”

And this is a most beautiful part of our human heart – we can find a way to live.

Photo by qinghill on Unsplash

On Unclipped Wings – a friend’s reaction

He said, “Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I found myself immersed and, as I read, I kept wondering how a story like this could take place. I wondered how much more psychological battering the key player, a daughter, could take, and what motivated her religious parents to act and speak as they did. 

This account relates how a daughter’s freedom was seriously restricted, even into adulthood, and how she was repeatedly devalued and considered to have no potential. I expected her to become embittered and broken, to rebel against religion. But, for the grace of God… 

Her story is well told, engaging, and not quickly forgotten. I was challenged by her resilience and positive attitude, that she survived and then triumphed, that beauty grew in adversity.”

Thank you, friend.

(front cover updated February 2022)