I tried to get home, but Satnav led me down a narrow country lane, straight to a “Road closed” sign. I found another another road – a dead-end!

I backtracked and found a workman. He pointed out the detour. But, that road was CLOSED as well! Not only a sign, a huge truck blocked the way.

Now I was truly lost, but as I sat there trying to figure out where I was, the truck moved. The driver waved. I could get on my way.

How I laughed. This was like God. Sometimes I get so disoriented by the blockages in my life, but God steps in when my efforts don’t work. HE opens the way.

Photo by Karthik Chandran on Unsplash

Help! I’m breaking apart!

The waves crashed. Winds howled. The ship was breaking apart. But some sailors in the Bible frapped their ship. “They passed ropes under the ship itself to hold it together…” (Acts 27:17)

All of us have been hit by an almighty storm, and our lives are breaking apart. But God wants us to know that he is frapping our hearts. He is holding us together in his strong, encircling arms.

This doesn’t mean that the storm will pass us by, but our hearts can be calm. For Paul on that ship, God told him, “Do not be afraid.” (Acts 27:24) And God keeps telling us, “Do not fear!”

His encircling ropes appear in many ways, and often it comes through us. I’ve seen a lot of frapping happening right now, us helping others before they fall apart. No matter the storm, we can show God’s heart.