About Eva Leaf

Eva Leaf grew up as a second-generation American. Two languages. Two identities that didn’t mix. But it gave her a comfortableness with other cultures. In Canada, she studied theology. In Portugal, she worked as a missionary. And now in England, she helps people grow in their relationship with God.

Eva is an author, yet her writing story began when as a child, she was told that she was too young to become a Christian. How she grieved, concluding that God had no interest in children. Then, as a young woman, when she wanted God to guide her, she was told that God only spoke to men. How she grieved again.

Thankfully, God overruled. As Eva read her Bible, she saw his point of view. God LOVES children. He LOVES women. He speaks to everyone. And for Eva, this was so liberating, that she shares this message where she can.

Eva continues to meet up one to one with women and leads a church toddlers group. She is married and has 4 grown children.