About Eva Leaf

Eva Leaf never wanted her life to start out like this. As a young woman, she dreamed of becoming a doctor. She studied hard and won a top science award. But her father forced her to drop out of high school and work a menial job. He put her into life-threatening situations, into homelessness and hunger. For thirteen years she prayed for God to rescue her, but before he did, he had something more profound to teach her, that freedom isn’t just about escaping appalling situations. It is a matter of the heart.
That she ever survived physically is a testimony of God’s amazing grace. You can read her story here: “On Unclipped Wings”.

Thankfully, she married the exact opposite, an Englishman. Together they have had quieter adventures. Missionaries in Portugal. Working for a UK Christian charity called the Navigators. Helping university students find their own adventure in God. And with her husband’s encouragement, she now writes.

Eva also began working with children in her church and local primary schools. She writes the stories for each session (funfish.org.uk). A few years ago a publisher accepted her first book. 

She and her husband have four grown children.