About Eva Leaf

Eva has worked with religious authors for years, publishing their work through a charity. She coached and supported them. Now, she is experiencing the same as a published author with BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship).

Eva’s journey, however, has been far from easy. Her first book, a memoir, was accepted by another publisher, but then threatened with litigation. It broke her heart to have to cancel that book contract. Yet, God somehow works all things for good. Through it, she discovered that each of us has a voice, unique only to us. She discovered that if we stay silent, the world really does miss out. She discovered that she had more to write.

A short bio: Eva Leaf was born in the USA to World War II refugees. Moving across international borders is still a part of her life. Canada – she studied Religious Education. USA – she taught in two church schools on the Mexican border. Portugal – a missionary. And now England – she mentors and writes.

Eva is married and has four grown children.