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The Great Big Surprise (released February 10th, 2018)

Publisher: Sarah Grace Publishing @ 

Book Blurb: 

Tessie asks a question, “Dad, who made the earth?”

Her dad opens a Bible. He tells about how the world began, and about a Great Big Surprise. But Tessie’s dad doesn’t explain about the surprise. Tessie must find out for herself.

Three to six year-olds may grapple with the idea of an invisible God in their visible world. This book builds a bridge between them and a loving, caring God.

Author and Illustrator Bio:

Eva Leaf and Jess Leaf are sisters-in-law. Their husbands are brothers.

Eva and her husband work with the Navigators, a Christian charity. Eva also has a degree in Religious Education and has led many children events and conferences. Now she coordinates a publishing team, and writes for children and adults.

Jess and her husband minister in the Anglican Church, Jess as an Authorized Lay Minister in Children’s Work. She also did A-level Art and has an HND in agriculture. For a while she ran her own gardening business. “The Great Big Surprise” is her first illustrated book.


The inside story: It took eleven years to write this book, with forty-four re-writes, and twenty-seven rejections from publishers. It started as part of a series in a toddler church I led for eight years. It continued its journey into four primary schools where I led RE assemblies for seven years. Now it is here, tried and tested, loved and shared.