We Dare to Hope

Amid a continuing unjust situation in my life, “We Dare to Hope” took shape. As I experienced deep pain, it brought me straight back to my late teens and twenties. The very things I was experiencing now, I had already lived through back then. In my grief, God had taught me how to live in unfettered wholeheartedness, even though I was broken.

But I had forgotten those powerful steps, that is, until now. Each new grief that I now encountered had already been lived, except this time I recorded it. It was as if God was giving me a chance to remember, so that what he had taught me could help others.

It has taken almost three years to write this book. It is my aftermath story, but it is also a story many of us may have lived. A number of other women have also shared the gems they gained through tears. God took them on similar journeys and he kept them in his arms as well.

I have recently submitted “We Dare to Hope” to a publisher, and I hope one day you will be able to read it.