On Unclipped Wings

On Unclipped Wingsself-published in October 2019

On Unclipped Wings: A true story

Can good come out of bad? Does evil actually lose?  On Unclipped Wings takes identity to its deepest recesses: a religious father scarred by war; an innocent teenage daughter enslaved by his fears; and the life-threatening places she must go, just to appease a father who sees evil in her. Will she lose who she is? Can she ever be free?

This is my story, written in third person. All names have been changed. It is also a testimony to our all-powerful God, the one who gives each one of us the strength to chose him above all else. 

“A painful, inspiring, beautiful story.  I found it powerful and gripping, thoughtful and challenging.” 

“An account of growing up in a context few of us could imagine. Despite many opportunities to be bitter and faithless this book is a record of hope and trust in God.”

“Eva shares a story of extraordinary hardship with an extraordinary generosity; her words tell of the hope that does not put us to shame. A compelling read.”

“Because of my own experience, I felt the pain and confusion on each page. Then I realized that it continues on all over everywhere for so many. Your transparency and courage in the telling, of God’s deliverance and redemption in the end, are so important for those currently in a situation or who have come out of one. There is an exit, healing and “normalization” of life and purpose. Stories like yours help encourage and direct the way.”

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Eva Leaf