adult books

Each of us have stories to tell, and God gives us different ways of expressing them. It could be through music, dancing, flying, cooking… there are so many unique ways… When I turned 50, I hit crisis. At best, I still had another 50 to live. At worst, I could die early as some of my family. Was there a new way I could express my heart? 

Up till that time I often moaned about the lack of practical books, but then one day someone stopped me short. They said, “Just stop moaning and write them yourself.” Talk about a comment that can change a life!

I picked up my pen (or opened my computer!) and words began to This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is joanna-kosinska-44214-unsplash-1024x684.jpgflow. Then I remembered my grandfather, a man I had never met, who died of starvation in a Siberian prisoner of war camp. He too had been a writer!

My desire is to help children find God before life hits them hard, and for adults to find that there is a God who saves. 


(photo by joanna-kosinska-44214-unsplash)